Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hope and Faith

I've sat here, wondering, pondering what to write for longer than I really should. My last post was about heartache. I don't want to go there again tonight. 
Let's talk about hope. There can be that, especially this time of year. I have an aunt who's had three kidney transplants just go through another surgery yesterday to remove a mass from one of her lungs. Surgery was a success, they removed every bit of it, and none of it was cancerous.
How's that for a healthy dose of hope? She's a mighty God-fearing woman with faith stronger than an ox. And goofier than a clown. But, she is our miracle.
Because of her, I have an incredible and powerful faith. In what or whom? I'm still determining that. But I have it, and it is mighty and strong. I've been through terrible terrible things. And I find the strength and will and force to get out of bed every day and do at least one thing that matters, even if it only matters to my kids. Well, that's more than enough for me.

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