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Book Tour Part 1- The Guardians of Man - Guest Character Interview

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I asked both authors who make up "Connor Titus" to have a character of their choice interview with me. I want to welcome Khrystle  (Crystal "Connor"'s choice), to the blog.

1. How do you feel about your role in the book?
Hi! Thanks so much for having me today. 

Oh wow, how do I feel about my role “In the foothills of Mt. Empyreal?” Actually it was really challenging because there are two books. Lori Titus wrote The Guardians of Man: Black Feathers Fell in the Foothills of Mt. Empyreal and Crystal Connor wrote In The Foothills of Mt. Empyreal: The End is Now. Both books take place in the same town revolving around the same event but each book is its own story so you don’t have to read them both to know what’s going on even though we hope that you do read them both.

My role is paramount in both stories. It’s a lot of pressure having a major role in just one book, so you can only imagine how hard it is being one of the leads in two.  I was 1st brought on to this project by Crystal Connor, she’s a really tough writer to work for and from very early on I had the feeling that she thought I wasn’t right for the stories. I was so afraid that I was going to lose the part or get killed off. So basically I was fighting to prove my worth in every single scene. 

Lori Titus was extremely supportive from the beginning and literally saved my life but that ended up being both a blessing and a curse because Crystal wrote scenes to see if I could handle the role and Lori wrote scenes to prove that I could. Crystal was downright brutal and in no way, shape, or form did Lori coddle me. She pushed me hard, really hard, both of them did and I didn’t want to let Lori down and of course I wanted to prove Crystal wrong. Not in a smug way, but more like hoping to make her proud of me. Does that make any sense, lol I hope so.  

2. Did you have fun during the writing of your tale?
Actually, even though at 1st it was hard, yes! It didn’t take me long to show what I could bring to the stories so about a 3rd of the way in I started to realize that my role in both books would be a heroic one! No pressure there, right, lol. 

Once I realized that I had finally won the confidence of both writers I was able to relax a little bit, I brought my A-game and every single day, I showed up and showed out! It was so incredible to be so trusted with two very different yet equally powerful roles. I am the same person in both stories but my circumstances are vastly different which allowed me to display the entire range of my abilities. 
This is Justin Granthem,  Marradith's love interest from Hunting in Closed Spaces.

What I think I enjoyed the most was that both writers allowed me to be vulnerable, allowed me to make mistakes, I was allowed to cry, to doubt myself, have the readers doubt me and then using what seems to be my weaknesses to showcase my strengths. With me the writers created a really complicated, multi-faceted, flawed character that I hope you’ll fall in love with, root for and forgive after the times that I piss you off. 

3. What would you do with your own happy ending?
LOL, that depends on your definition of what a happy ending is. There are some really tender moments between Parker and I in The Guardian’s of Man and had I wrote this story I think our happy ending would have been us on a large piece of farmland raising kids and livestock but I didn’t and let me be the 1st to warn you that the writer’s who did are crazy! You can laugh if you want to but you’ll see. Certifiable. Both of them, and Crystal probably needs a hug. Go ahead keep laughing, just you wait, you’ll see and be remember I warned you!

4. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?
I’m a bleeding heart for dogs. There’s a reason they all get to go to heaven.

5. If you could be anyone else, would you? If so, who?
Anyone else from Fate’s Keep? Gosh that’s a really tough question. I would have to say Nysees She is the epitome of a strong female lead, in both stories. Growing up idolizing people like Wonder Woman, Natasha Irons, and Storm it’s hard not to gravitate towards a woman like her. She is the closest thing to a superhero that I’ll ever meet in my life time, she made some of toughest decisions’ I’ve ever seen and she did it without flinching, but in retrospect, I’d doubt I’ve have her strength and wisdom. I’m only human and she is a Celestial. And Lord knows it takes supernatural strength to be a guardian of men and a commander at that.   

6. What was the saddest moment of your life?
My last scene in St. Peter’s cathedral in The End is Now. I don’t want to give anything away but I was completely devastated, blindsided really, because I didn’t see it coming. I did everything right, I did, I really did. I fought against all odds and gave everything that I had and it wasn’t enough. It just wasn’t enough. 

Ah, gosh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get all chocked up. But it wasn’t like in the beginning when I 1st became a member of the cast and knew I was staking on thin ice, because after the mid way mark I was being supported and encouraged by both writers, they trusted me with some really major scenes, they trusted me to work things out on my own. I felt so empowered and so full of hope… 

I was stunned. I know this isn’t healthy but I always replay everything in my head over and over again wondering what I could have done differently, beating myself up for doing things the way that I did, and just trying to figure out what I did so wrong. 

It was really tough for me after that, it took a while to come to terms with how things ended up and it still bothers me to this day. It’s just so hard to deal with the fact that sometimes the best you have isn’t good enough, ya know? 

7. If you could tell the author anything, what would you say?
I would thank them both for breathing life into me, for creating two amazing worlds that I was allowed to be a part of. For trusting me. I would let them know that I am so incredible grateful for the time I spent with Parker in The Guardians of Man, and the companionship of Rocket, Len, Loree, Skylar and Cartaphilus and being able to experience the glory of Tactical Bacon in The End is Now. 

Living In the Foothills of Mt. Empyreal with everyone who calls Fates Keep home is exactly where I was meant to be and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in world. I live in Fates Keep, and as you know, there’s no place like home.   
8. What is the one goal you hope to achieve in life before you die?
Writer Lori Titus said that our stories will remain as a testament to future generations. That our struggles during the Collapse will not go unknown, that everything that we went through will hold hope for mankind. My goal is to live every day of my life working toward that promise, to take care of myself and those around me so that we may be blessed to live long enough to see that, at least in part, start to happen.

9. What do you wish to be remembered for?
In all honesty I just hoped to be remembered. Long after you close these books I hope that I’m thought of from time to time and that you come back to Fates Keep to visit every once in awhile. 

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In the valley of Mt. Empyreal, the fight for humanity has already begun.
In the mountain community of Fate's Keep, the global power outage and the onset of winter are only the beginning of what is yet to come. Along with the first snowfall, an ancient evil has come. With time running out, will the Guardians be able to save mankind?
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About the Authors
Lori Titus
Lori Titus is a native Californian with a penchant for stories that are twisted, scary, or both. She also enjoys a dash of romance in her storytelling when she can get away with it! She is the author of Hunting in Closed Spaces (The Marradith Ryder Series, Part 1). She is also half of the writing team known as Connor Titus (with author Crystal Connor) and has co-authored two novels, The Guardians of Man and The End Is Now. Lori has authored many short stories and two novellas, Lazarus and Hailey's Shadow. Some may know her as the Managing Editor at Flashes in the Dark. Upcoming work for 2015 includes a novel called The Bell House and the second installment of the Ryder Series.

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Crystal Connor
Washington State native Crystal Connor has been terrorizing readers since before Jr. high School and loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys, rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high heel shoes & unreasonably priced hang bags. She is also considering changing her professional title to ‘dramatization specialist’ because it’s so much more theatrical than being just a mere drama queen. Along with inducing insomnia within her readership Crystal also reviews indie horror and sci-fi movies for
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